People and Customer Orientation

People-oriented skills allow us to establish healthy relationships with people. In the workplace, they make you better co-workers, team-workers and motivators. Customer-oriented skills are a part of people skills. They help you understand customer’s needs and solve their problems. Empathy is the ability to genuinely feel the emotions of other people and understand the reasons why they act the way they do. The most important thing about empathy is to make people feel genuinely understood. Disputes can be solved through mediation. Mediator must gain trust and cooperation of all involved in a dispute. Mediator must be neutral and can only guide people towards a satisfactory solution. Emotional self-awareness helps understand how emotions influence your actions, decisions and behaviour and use this knowledge to your advantage. You can improve it by becoming aware what situations and circumstances negatively affect your emotions and be better prepared to react positively. Emotional self-regulation is the ability to control your emotions and impulses. It allows you to make a pause and think before we react. This makes your reactions calmer and more rational. Instead of reacting angrily, take a deep breath, think for 5 seconds about why someone is acting the way they are and then react with compassion to calm the situation.

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