TO better understand the logic behind the SkillsUp test and also how to interpret the test results, we created methodology for both our target groups: career advisors and unemployed people. Beside the interpretation of the test, methodologies also focus on the logic of the test creation, definition of selected 10 soft skills and on the process of career advisory between our target groups.

Career Advisors

The Methodics is based on the theory of vocational psychology (Holland’s theory). By developing this test model, we have focused on constructing “Congruence”, defined by Holland (1997) as the compatibility of the individual’s resemblance to a type of work or the environment in which that individual finds herself or himself. Although congruence, in general, is the match between personality and occupational choice.


Unemployed People

The SkillsUp test was created especially for those of you, who are unemployed and searching for a job locally or within the EU. It is also suitable for those, who want to find the best work position and self-realization according to their knowledge, abilities, and ambitions. The test provides a straightforward and easy method to find out which type of personality matches you the most, taking into account that every person is unique.