Flexibility and Adaptability

Adaptability means being able to change your way of thinking and doing if a situation demands it. Flexibility means to be able to react quickly to new circumstances and find compromises with people about how to do something. Adaptable and flexible people like change and see it as an opportunity. They are creative and not afraid to fail because they always find creative solutions to problems. This also makes them valued employees. Change is stressful, because it creates uncertainty. When something big happens to us we start asking ourselves “How will I manage?” or “What will the future bring?”. You shouldn’t ignore stress that chances are causing you. Instaead of ignoring it you should address the causes of the stress. When you experience change, you are first in denial, then you feel anger, then you explore options to make change more manageable and finally you accept it and live with it. You can learn how to deal with and manage change better. The most important thing is to stay calm, understand your emotions and stay positive. You must also know and accept the things you can’t change and focus your energy on what you can control. In the workplace, you face unexpected situations and negative criticism. You will deal with them better if you take a moment before you react in anger, ask people for help and trust in your ability to manage. You can use any negative criticism to your advantage if you accept just criticism and make improvements.

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