Achieving, Performance, Ambition and Goal Orientation

Being goal oriented means heaving the right attitude and desire to achieve our goals. Your goals depend mostly on your character and values but also on different roles you have in life. Most successful people have strong positive character traits like integrity, justice, humility, patience, courage, modesty and more. Character comes from within. This means you must first start working on changing and improving on the inside before you can see positive change on the outside. If you are trying to achieve what others expect us to instead of what is really important to us you will spend a lot of time and energy for nothing and end up being disappointed. You must 13 set your goals according to your values, vision and real-life circumstances. When you are setting our goals you need to know your values – what is important to us, and see the big picture – what you want to achieve in life. Your goals need to be specific enough, measurable, realistic, relevant to your life and have a time limit. To achieve your goals, you we need the right habits. Habits are a combination of your character, desire, skills and knowledge. Essential skills for achieving your goals effectively and efficiently are being proactivity, ability to think before we act and knowing to set the right priorities. Often your fear of success is preventing us from achieving your goals. We can use your fear to your advantage if we knowledge it and learn from it. We must always be afraid of being in your comfort zone because there you feel satisfied and don’t improve. Your fear of comfort can push you from comfort zone to learning zone and finally to growth zone where you use your skills and knowledge to grow and achieve your goals.

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